Raspberries have now finished for the season and won't be available again until next year.


Varieties available:

Glen Ample: Is a mid-season summer fruiting spine-free raspberry. The variety produces large fleshy fruits which are round-conical in shape, attractive and with an excellent flavour.

Malling Minerva: Is spine-free and well presented to pickers. The fruit is medium to large, firm with good colour, flavour and a good shelf life.

Cascade Delight: Produces very large, very firm fruit. The berries are glossy, with a long conic shape, easily detached and with an excellent flavour. Cascade Delight is slightly spined with most of the spines located on the basal portions of the cane.

Octavia: Has made the biggest impact on the UK raspberry industry since the release of Glen Ample, and is named after the Roman month of August. The berries are large, uniform, firm and easily detached. The flavour is pleasant and the colour good. Octavia is moderately vigorous, thorny selection producing upright, leafy laterals with well presented fruit.

Glen Magna: The dark red berries are of excellent size, have an intense colour, excellent flavour and are attractive. Glen Magna carries few spines and the canes are upright and vigorous, frequently exceeding 2 metres in height.


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